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Set off on a thrilling side-scrolling journey in Memori! Test your skill with tricky platforming challenges as you uncover the mysteries hidden within this strange realm. Collect clues, solve puzzles, and face death - only to be reborn again and again.



You can actively contribute to the development process, provide valuable feedback, and share your speed-running achievements. It's a fantastic opportunity to become a valued member of our vibrant community.

At the heart of the gameplay lies a series of exhilarating platforming puzzles that test your skills and problem-solving abilities. As you progress, you'll need to apply your understanding of the game's mechanics and newfound abilities to navigate through each level. Success hinges on your ability to master these mechanics, employing strategic thinking and precise execution to overcome the intricate challenges that lie ahead. Get ready to push the boundaries of your gaming prowess as you tackle these demanding and rewarding platforming puzzles.

Key features:

  • Satisfying and responsive controls
  • Melancholic story with a profound lesson on life and death
  • Explore unique and diverse environments with intricate details
  • An abundance of secrets to discover
  • Engaging mechanics
  • Speedrunning mode
  • cats

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I recommend using a controller, although you can use a keyboard

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorPractical NPC
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withAudacity, Godot, Aseprite, GIMP
Tags2D, Casual, hard, hardcore, sad, Side Scroller, Speedrun, speedrunning

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un peux dur mais il

 et bien

Thank you!


Pretty solid! Did not finish yet, but I do have some feedback I hope it is useful. I know it is not in final state, but still:

Things i like:

- It is similar to Celeste, a game I love (probably heard this many times already, but in my case it is a good thing. There is no such thing as enough Celeste)

- The level design, in the opinion of a 100% NOT level design expert but still a level design enthusiast, is AWESOME. Clear about what to do, and still difficult (but not frustrating - yet :D) to do it. Nice.

 - Setting is super intriguing. It hooked me up. The stones that light up when you find them are really cool. I hope they end up being part of the story somehow.

Things I did not like:

- It is a bit TOO similar to Celeste. Seems that goes against what I said earlier, but although I do love Celeste and want more games like it, I also do appreciate new stuff - and although the setting and story are completely different, game mechanics are (SO FAR - again, did not finish it, so take this with a grain of salt) totally the same (the spikes, the springs, the gems, the falling blocks, to not mention the character's basic movement). I needed a bit more inovation gameplay-wise. The only thing that scratched this itch was the portals, which are pretty cool. Perhaps it would help to keep the momentum going out instead of shooting straight forwards? It would open interesting possibilites. 

- Falling blocks and wooden floors are a bit too mixed to the background. I missed half of them entirely for a minute before realizing they were there.

- At least in my laptop, dash and jump are switched... Not sure if anyone has the same problem. (c dashes and x jumps, instead of the other way around, as it says in the controls)

Keep up the great work!! Nice to see stuff like this being made in Godot!!

Thanks for all the feedback and constructive criticism! a lot of useful information I need to consider.


As the demo speedrun WR holder, I can say this game is addictive. 2 years and the results show, it already has the fundamentals of a great game. Looking forward to all of the polish to come and the eventual release of the game.


Didn't have anything to submit, so I cant rate it, but here Is my opinion as a memori gamer.
First opinion you may get from this game: "Damn this game is a copy of celeste!"

And... yes - that is true - to a certain point. NPC has spent 2 years working on this game, using some of celeste's mechanics, but in no way has he copied it! The game's story is completely different, and is a lot more presision based. After playing this game for almost half a year, and playing celeste for a few months, this game appealed to me more. Controls felt much better, and the platformer felt more responsive in general. Celeste's graphics were made by professionals and have been polished again and again to a point where it cannot be polished more! Memori has still got many stages of it's life to go through, one of them being an upgrade from it's current graphics. PracticalNPC has not got the artistic talent of someone who has worked in that area for years and years, however he has done the best to achieve our high standards. That's the solo development way, you can't always be the best at everything!

For people that have never played memori, I think that you will love this action filled game, with complicated mechanics, NPC's, and much more!

P.S.  this is my opinion on this game, still in it's development stage, however I'm sure there is a lot more to come from this game!


Best game!!11!11!!


Fantastic and down to earth developer. Amazing game. Highly recommend. 


Thank you!


This game is fantastic. I've played it and it has a really amazing feel to it. Keep up the great work, dude!

Thanks bro!







(1 edit) (+1)

Wow I want to leave critique but this game is very well done keep doing what you are doing! A very good feeling platformer similar to celeste. Aesthetics are fantastic I love the dark mysterious vibe, music and sound fit very well with the whole theme you have going. The story started to pick up as well and I am interested in what is going on!  I loved that the lights turned on as I passed them! Can't wait to see this finished! Only issue I noticed was if I dashed into spikes I wouldn't die until after my dash was completed. The only thing that would be fantastic is saving the last room someone stopped playing in. I refreshed my game and lost my progress, I liked your game enough that I got back to where I was but some players might quit right after that! I figure its on the roadmap already though! Also why does interacting with the kitty kill me!?


This was awesome to play through! I love the music and the art. Can't wait for another chapter.


I had fun playing... but there isn't a crouch mechanic for some reason, so I couldn't get to the dash part and get past the first part.

thanks for the feedback! you actually don't need the crouch to get to that area :) also, the entire chapter can be beaten without using the dash mechanic 


Great work on the game. I enjoyed it through. I didn't die as much as expected too. I reached the level which is the third last in screenshots and it is hard man.


Thanks for playing :D I can see why it might be difficult. This level in particular requires the player to understand one subtle underlying mechanic; which is the fact that wall jump height is determined by how long you hold the button. I Don't think this is super obvious at the start.


Hey! I played your game and it is great! Can not wait for your next projects.

Thank you!