A downloadable precision platformer for Windows

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*Controller Highly Recommended *








I recommend using a controller, although you can use a keyboard.


arrow keys -> move

c -> jump

x -> dash/interact

z -> climb walls

controller: figure it out!

If you find any bugs please let me know on discord or in the comment section


Programmer: PracticalNPC

Artist: Sparky -  FunLookingGames

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, Black and White, Casual, Dark, Dark Fantasy, hard, sad, Side Scroller


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Memori Demo 0.2.3.exe 850 MB
Afterlife-DEMO-0.02.exe [OLD VERSION] 215 MB
Afterlife-DEMO-0.01exe [OLD VERSION] 215 MB
Afterlife-DEMO-1.2.exe [OLD VERSION] 210 MB
Afterlife-DEMO.exe [OLD VERSION] 202 MB
Project Afterlife 1.1.exe [OLD VERSION] 166 MB

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Fantastic and down to earth developer. Amazing game. Highly recommend. 


Thank you!


This game is fantastic. I've played it and it has a really amazing feel to it. Keep up the great work, dude!

Thanks bro!






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Wow I want to leave critique but this game is very well done keep doing what you are doing! A very good feeling platformer similar to celeste. Aesthetics are fantastic I love the dark mysterious vibe, music and sound fit very well with the whole theme you have going. The story started to pick up as well and I am interested in what is going on!  I loved that the lights turned on as I passed them! Can't wait to see this finished! Only issue I noticed was if I dashed into spikes I wouldn't die until after my dash was completed. The only thing that would be fantastic is saving the last room someone stopped playing in. I refreshed my game and lost my progress, I liked your game enough that I got back to where I was but some players might quit right after that! I figure its on the roadmap already though! Also why does interacting with the kitty kill me!?


This was awesome to play through! I love the music and the art. Can't wait for another chapter.


I had fun playing... but there isn't a crouch mechanic for some reason, so I couldn't get to the dash part and get past the first part.

thanks for the feedback! you actually don't need the crouch to get to that area :) also, the entire chapter can be beaten without using the dash mechanic 


Great work on the game. I enjoyed it through. I didn't die as much as expected too. I reached the level which is the third last in screenshots and it is hard man.


Thanks for playing :D I can see why it might be difficult. This level in particular requires the player to understand one subtle underlying mechanic; which is the fact that wall jump height is determined by how long you hold the button. I Don't think this is super obvious at the start.


Hey! I played your game and it is great! Can not wait for your next projects.

Thank you!