The Boss Fight Update (Version 0.6)

New Features in 0.6.0

New Boss fight Escape Sequence Inspired by Terraria

  • Developed the inaugural boss encounter for the game
  • Designed a relentless "Wall of Flesh" that pursues players throughout the chapter
  • Orchestrated a heart-pounding escape sequence
  • Incorporated a diverse array of hazards including lasers, flying skulls, moving obstacles, and flames

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In the latest update in Memori, we introduced a dynamic first-boss encounter. This formidable adversary takes the form of a relentless "Wall of Flesh" inspired by Terraria that relentlessly pursues players throughout the chapter, creating an intense escape sequence. To amp up the challenge, we integrated an assortment of threats, such as lasers, flying skulls, and hazardous obstacles that players must navigate through. Additionally, the inclusion of flames adds an extra layer of excitement and urgency to the encounter. These updates aim to provide players with a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience.

Time Pressure

Intense Escape Sequence

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