One of the Largest Updates yet! (😽The Purrfect Companion 😺)

📢New Features in version

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  • Smoother movement dashes
  • Enhanced responsiveness during transitions between player states
  • Introduction of new Chapter 3 enemies and mechanics
  • Welcome a new cat companion that follows your every move! 😽
  • Added a debug mode for detailed movement analysis
  • Chapter 1 art receives an exciting art and level design update
  • Enriched experience with new parallax elements for each chapter

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Get ready for a smoother, more dynamic gameplay experience with improved movement dashes and highly responsive controls for seamless state transitions. Chapter 3 introduces fresh challenges with new enemies and mechanics. Plus, meet your new companion - a lovable cat that follows your every move! For the detail-oriented players, enjoy the new debug mode to analyze movement paths and states. Chapter 1 also receives a visual upgrade, along with the addition of captivating new parallax elements. Elevate your precision platforming adventure!

Meet Jasper the Cat

Introducing our biggest update yet for the precision platformer! Alongside extensive movement and control enhancements, say hello to Jasper the cat, your new loyal companion on this adventure. Beyond her adorable exterior, Jasper will play a vital role in both gameplay mechanics and the game's lore.

movement updates

In this latest game update, you'll notice a significant improvement in gameplay mechanics. Movement dashes have been fine-tuned for a smoother experience, ensuring seamless transitions between player states with highly responsive controls. Chapter 3 introduces a fresh array of enemies and mechanics, adding an exciting layer of challenge. Notably, dash distances now dynamically adapt based on previous object interactions and states, enhancing the precision and strategic elements of your gameplay. Get ready for a more immersive and engaging gaming experience!

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Sep 03, 2023

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